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Sarek - An open-source analysis pipeline to detect germline or somatic variants from whole genome sequencing


Previously known as the Cancer Analysis Workflow (CAW), Sarek is a workflow tool designed to run analyses on WGS data from regular samples or tumour / normal pairs, including relapse samples if required.

It’s built using Nextflow, a bioinformatics domain specific language for workflow building. Software dependencies are handled using Docker or Singularity – container technologies that provide excellent reproducibility and ease of use. Singularity has been designed specifically for high-performance computing environments. This means that although Sarek has been primarily designed for use with the Swedish UPPMAX HPC systems, it should be able to run on any system that supports these two tools.

Sarek was developed at the National Genomics Infastructure and National Bioinformatics Infastructure Sweden which are both platforms at SciLifeLab. It is listed on the Elixir – Tools and Data Services Registry.

Workflow steps

Sarek is built with several workflow scripts. A wrapper script contained within the repository makes it easy to run the different workflow scripts as a single job.

Raw FastQ files or aligned BAM files (with or without realignment & recalibration) can be used as inputs. You can choose which variant callers to use, plus the pipeline is capable of accommodating additional variant calling software or CNV callers if required.

The worflow steps and tools used are as follows:

  1. Preprocessingmain.nf (based on GATK best practices)
  2. Germline variant callinggermlineVC.nf
  3. Somatic variant callingsomaticVC.nf (optional)
  4. Annotationannotate.nf (optional)
  5. Reporting

Contributions & Support

If you would like to contribute to this pipeline, please see the contributing guidelines.

For further information or help, don’t hesitate to get in touch on Gitter or contact us: maxime.garcia@scilifelab.se, szilveszter.juhos@scilifelab.se




See the code for Sarek here: https://github.com/SciLifeLab/Sarek