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MultiQC - Summarise results across samples

MultiQC is a tool to aggregate bioinformatics results across many samples into a single report. It is written in Python and contains modules for a number of common tools.

MultiQC has a dedicated website with extensive documentation at http://multiqc.info

Installation and Usage

You can install MultiQC from PyPI using pip as follows:

pip install multiqc

Then it’s just a case of going to your analysis directory and running the script:

multiqc .

That’s it! MultiQC will scan the specified directory (‘.' is the current dir) and produce a report detailing whatever it finds.

The resulting report is called multiqc_report.html by default. Tab-delimited data files are also created in multiqc_report_data/, containing extra information. These can be easily inspected using Excel or used in other downstream analysis.

MultiQC is built around a framework for extension, enabling simple addition of custom modules, templates and extra functionality. For more information, please see the documentation.




See the code for MultiQC here: https://github.com/ewels/MultiQC