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NGI-RNAseq - RNA-Seq analysis pipeline

NGI-RNAseq is a bioinformatics best-practice analysis pipeline used for RNA sequencing data at the National Genomics Infastructure at SciLifeLab Stockholm, Sweden.

The pipeline uses Nextflow, a bioinformatics workflow tool. It pre-processes raw data from FastQ inputs, aligns the reads and performs extensive quality-control on the results.

This pipeline is primarily used with a SLURM cluster on the Swedish UPPMAX systems. However, the pipeline should be able to run on any system that Nextflow supports. The pipeline works can work with Docker and AWS and comes with configuration for these systems.

Installation and usage instructions can be found on the GitHub page: https://github.com/SciLifeLab/NGI-RNAseq




See the code for NGI-RNAseq here: https://github.com/SciLifeLab/NGI-RNAseq